On Call Coffee is a new coffee company that was founded to bring speciality-grade, transparently-sourced coffee to you when you need it most. Founded by a family of doctors (and a dentist) who believe that great coffee shouldn’t end at 5pm. Coffee is an essential part of our day but here at On Call Coffee we believe it should be celebrated as a luxury, not just a commodity.

We are passionate about self-realisation, creativity and living life with the best intentions. On Call Coffee is unique because our ultimate aim is to provide speciality coffee on-site in NHS Hospitals and beyond. The founders’ frustration at the poor choices available to staff and patients led them to found the company so that they could bring superb ethically-sourced coffee and Transylvanian delicacies to hard working people everywhere. Because sh**ft work deserves great coffee!

If there is one thing that On Call Coffee will not stand for; it’s ripping off the hard working coffee farmers. We believe that the most expensive part of your drink should be the coffee in your cup. That’s why we only buy transparently sourced beans via direct trade.

Our delicious espresso roast is La Lomita from the geniuses at Vagabond Roasters in Holloway.

The beans come from a family run business in Farallones, Colombia with 40 years of experience growing delicious coffee without the need for chemicals, fungicides or herbicides.

Pay for your beans!


Izo is the head barista for On Call Coffee. She left behind the world of medicine and followed the aroma of espresso all the way to New Zealand. Now she’s back and can make you a flat white with almost surgical precision. Robert is our ideas man and the artistic talent behind the company. He is already a successful graphic designer and the creator of our favourite clothing brand - Different Species. Bea is Izo’s sister and our Social Media manager when she’s not on shift as an Intensive Care doctor. Alice is Izo’s partner and an A+E doctor. When she’s not battling the 4 hour target she’s baking delicious Transylvanian treats for the shop.